Sock Knitting


Knit a sock from the cuff to the toe using the magic loop method.

Three 2-hour classes led by an experienced sock knitter.

This class is for knitters who know basic knitting techniques and have made garments including some shaping (increases and decreases).  Advanced beginners, intermediate and experienced knitters will all be fine. 

You’ll begin by knitting a tiny sample sock which goes through all the techniques and then progress to a full-size sock.  It’s challenging but satisfying and at the end you will be able to knit socks for anyone.

Techniques covered:

  • circular knitting using the magic loop method
  • stretchy cast-ons
  • heel flap heel construction
  • shaping
  • grafting toes with kitchener stitch

We’ll also discuss sock construction, sock yarns, tools of the trade, pattern choice, popular sock designers, common terms in sock-knitting, resources, and finishing and caring for socks. All terms and techniques will be explained and demonstrated and there’ll be lots of support but you’ll need to know the basics of knitting.

You’ll get paper and online copies of sock patterns for the sample and full-sized socks, as well as sheets of resources and extras.

What we’ll provide you with:

  • 25 grams of smooth, light-coloured 4 ply wool, to knit the miniature sock
  • 50 grams of smooth, light-coloured 4 ply wool to knit one adult sock
  • a 2.5mm circular needle of 80 or 100cm length
  • a small locking stitch marker

What you’ll need to bring along:

  • a pen or pencil and a notebook
  • Tapestry needle for sewing in ends
  • scissors