Cable knitting

An introduction to knitting cables for intermediate knitters.

Two 2 hour classes led by an experienced knitter.

This class is for knitters who are comfortable casting on, knitting, purling, and casting off. Advanced beginners, intermediate and experienced knitters will all be fine.

You’ll begin by knitting a test swatch from a chart, which will include a variety of cable techniques.

Techniques covered:

  • Reading a chart
  • Using cable needles to move your stitches
  • Using stitch markers to keep track of pattern repeats

We’ll also discuss choosing yarn for knitting cables(understanding quantities required), combining cable patterns, and reading your work.

Over the two weeks we’ll guide you through knitting swatches using various cable patterns, helping you develop the confidence to embark on your own cable projects.

What we’ll provide you with:

  • Stitch markers
  • Cable needles

What you’ll need to bring along:

  • 50 grams of a light, smooth 8ply or 10ply yarn
  • Knitting needles to achieve tension with your yarn (4mm-5mm usually)
  • A pen or pencil to take notes.
  • Please bring your needles and yarn, or what you’ve made with them, to class both weeks.

You’ll get a paper copy with instructions for all the techniques covered in class.